Integrated logistics

logistics-orangeOne of our strengths is the planning and implementation of logistics platforms for retail chains and trading companies, and the management of all categories of goods.

Each platform will be designed together with our clients, which can then rely on a fully qualified and well organized workforce from the moment they entrust us with their goods, and finally reach their own respective customers, or outlets.

The personnel are well qualified and trained for warehouse operations in the food industry.

The loading, unloading and administrative transactions are assisted by a computerized system, connected on-line with customers, for real time monitoring of goods (incoming, circulating or stored).

Organizzazione logisticaFull service at 360°

From warehousing to integrated supply chain management and the utmost care of the cold chain, Safim services include at 360°:

  • Storage & handling
  • Quality control of incoming/outgoing goods
  • Supplementary processing of goods
  • Preparation and mixing of outgoing goods
  • Packaging management
  • Despatch and tracking to final destination

Safety specially

Your goods will always be securely held in warehouses with 24 hour surveillance, where all our buildings, installations and equipment are regularly checked in compliance with the latest security criteria.