Pure storage

Temperature controlled warehousing

For our storage activity, we have 22,500sqm subjected to controlled temperatures (which range goes from +4 to -20 ° C) with different cold rooms and it’s all safely provided with CCTV security systems, where we keep various food and / or raw products .

The beneficiaries of our services are those companies that operate in the food industry, dealing with:

  • food manufacturing (processed or semi-processed, cooked or precooked).
  • raw food (coffee, cocoa, etc.).
  • food preservation (by freezing or canning).
  • catering services (restaurants, canteens, etc.).
  • distribution and sale (wholesale markets, grocery chains, department stores, etc.).

Customs warehousing

“A customs warehouse is a type of public warehouse, managed by qualified and authorized companies under the control of the Customs where all materials or goods coming from foreign countries (ie. outside the EEC) are kept, pending the holding of regular customs operations.”


There are 6 types of Customs Warehouse permissible in the EU, labelled A – F. Safim has the ‘Type A’ classified no. N213, enabling for:

  • operations to the foreign state
  • temporary custody at suspended duty
  • imports and exports, freight forwarder supplied

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