Our fleet. Not just “refrigerated”

SAFIM manages itself inbound and outbound traffic at all levels thanks to an extensive fleet consisting of vans, trucks and trailers, ensuring widespread distribution throughout northern Italy. Currently, our transport capacity is ensured by various means, such as:

  • TRUCKS 2 Axes
  • TRUCKS 3 axes
  • VANS (<35q)


Computerized traffic management

Our “refrigerated” fleet carries alimentary goods – monitored by satellite – throughout northern Italy on behalf of some of the best Italian companies.

Safim strictly adheres to the ATP regulations, being involved perishable goods, such as:

  • drinking milk, partly dehydrated milk concentrate, fermented milk intended to stabilize the heat, pasteurized and/or flavored milk, beverages based on milk and creams of milk
  • butter and liquid anhydrous butter
  • fresh and / or frozen meat, blood intended for the production of proteins
  • fresh fish products
  • all frozen food (including ice cream, fruit juices, eggs not in shell, offal, poultry, game, edible molluscs, blades flocks)
  • fresh cheeses, including Italian Ricotta

The connection between our logistic base and the distribution fleet allows us to perform, for the benefit of our customers, all the way to the logistics of refrigerated goods ensuring optimal continuity of the cold chain for all those alimentary goods that require utmost care and that must comply to HACCP and the Italian laws (eg. D. L. no. 110 dated 27/01/1992 that regulates the production, distribution and sale of frozen products).